Sad times at Durdles Books

It was with great sadness that we learned of the Death of two great men recently.

Firstly the sad passing of Harry Harrison on 15th August 2012.

As many of you will know Harry was a great author of Science fiction stories, often with big helpings of fast adventure, dangerous planets, and humour. I remember the joy of finding a new Harry Harrison story at second hand book shops when I was a very young man, as I knew that I was about to read an exciting tale.  I read Make Room, Make Room which had a profound impact on me, ensuring that I sought out other authors who wrote about overpopulation. 

Reflecting on this, it now appears that whilst still enjoying the straightforward adventure SF this was a turning point for me to reading a wider range of writers, dealing with the effects of technological and social change. 

We send our condolences to those who loved and knew him.


A full obituary written by Christopher Priest, can be found here


Neil Armstrong passed away on 25th August 2012.


There is little to say about him that has not already being said.  There is no accolade too great to express what he and his fellow crew members achieved in July 1969.  For myself, I have very hazy memories of a lot of people, my family, grandparents and some neighbours, in our living room watching either the actual landing programme or the news of the landing.  Neil Armstrong, not long after returning from the moon, predicted that men would go to Mars in the 1980’s.  At least he lived to hear a commitment from a President towards fulfilling that goal.

A full obituary can be found here

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